How to Overcome a Sexual Dry Spell 

Sometimes in long relationships couples have a sexual dry spell. Work, family, stress, money and time are all factors that play into this.

A sexual dry spell is not uncommon; however it can be very frustrating for one or both partners in the relationship. Overcoming it can be difficult, and the longer it goes on the more difficult it becomes.

Here are some things that you can do to end your dry spell and spice things up in the bedroom again

Feel Good about Yourself

We all fall into a slump from time to time. It is important that we take care of ourselves and feel confident. Confidence is one of the biggest hurdles to overcoming a dry spell. Make yourself feel your very best every day.

 Shower in the morning when you wake up and put on clothes that make you feel confident and sexy. Do all of the things that make you feel good about yourself.

For men that might mean shaving, combing your hair or putting on some nice cologne. For women, fix your hair, do your makeup, make yourself smell great.

 Doing these things puts our minds in a better place. When we feel good about ourselves, we are more likely to be attractive to our partners.

We are also more confident when it comes to initiating sex or being submissive to our partner coming on to us. Whatever it is that gives you confidence, do it. Confidence is one of the most attractive qualities a person can have.

Get Yourself Healthy

Sometimes the reason for a dry spell can be our physical health. When we don’t feel good it is hard to get in the mood to have sex. Getting into better physical health will make you feel better about having sex and help to end a sexual dry spell.

Eat better foods. Avoid foods that are super sugary and full of carbohydrates. These can make us feel yucky and sluggish. Choose foods that promote optimum health.

Fruits, vegetables and lean proteins are all great choices. They are all rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Sometimes a simple change in diet is enough to feel physically capable of having sex again.

Men who are experiencing erectile dysfunction should seek advice from their doctors. Often times when men experience erectile dysfunction it can put a huge damper on the relationship and make it difficult to get that flame burning again.

A doctor can help you find the root of the problem and prescribe a medication like levitra to help you to overcome a dry spell. Levitra is available at most pharmacies, and you can also buy Levitra online.

Women who are experiencing a drop in libido should discuss this with their doctors as well. Often times there is a physical or psychological reason why this happens.

There are new drugs on the market that can help to increase woman’s libido. If you are a women with a very low sex drive, it is worth it to speak with your doctor about what might be going on with your body.

Relax and Get in the Right Frame of Mind

 A lot of times a lack of desire for sex is in our heads and has nothing to do with our bodies.

Think about the things that turn you on. Read a good book or watch a movie what makes you think about sex. For men especially, it can be helpful to have some type of mental stimulation, before getting between the sheets.

For women, it is a good idea to relax. Take a nice hot bubble bath, shave your legs and light some candles. It can help to read some erotic stories. You can do that on your own, but reading them aloud to your partner, can also be a good way to get things hot.

Flirt with your partner through out the day. Whisper naughty things in your partners ear. Sweet kisses and light brushes throughout the day help to build excitement in both of you for what may come later that night.

Spend Time With Your Partner 

Some one on one time with your partner can do wonders for your sexual relationship. This is especially true if you have children. Hire a babysitter or enlist in some help from grandma and go out on a romantic date. Stay in for a romantic night alone together if you are able to send the kids off with friends or family.

Take the time to really enjoy each other. Deep conversation can do wonders for a woman’s libido. Men are stimulated more by visual cues.

So, women put on something sexy and find a bra that will lift up the girls. Men, talk her ear off! Find things to talk about that are deeper than just the day to day. Share your dreams with her and talk to her about her fantasies.

 Set the Mood 

Make sure that your bedroom sets a good tone for sex. If you only keep one place in the house clean and uncluttered make it the bedroom. Make it a sanctuary for you and your partner. Put fresh soft sheets on your bed, quiet music and mellow lighting can help as well.

 Certain scents are have been proven to increase libido and help get you in the mood. Liquorish, cucumber and even banana scents have been proven to increase sexual arousal. Scents that bring back sexual memories for the two of you will do the trick as well.

 Getting out of a sexual rut can be daunting. It can be so frustrating when you just don’t feel like having sex. It is even more frustrating when your partner isn’t feeling up to sex and you feel rejected.

Don’t despair. You can get out of this rut. Just keep working together. Communication is really the key to opening new doors in your sexual relationship.

Talk to your partner about your sex life. Find out what is holding him or her back. Explain what is holding you back. Work together to overcome these obstacles and put the fire back in your relationship.