Sex is important in every relationship because it makes a couple feel emotionally and physically close. The other reason why you should have sex regularly is the fact that it makes you physically healthier. Some of the top 10 health benefits of sex include:

1. It lowers stress levels:
If you are having a bad day, or you are feeling overwhelmed by your current life situation, then having sex can help in making your mood lighter.

During sex, your body produces endorphins and oxytoxin which causes you to relax and feel good. So, if you are stuck in a mire of depression, you should consider having sex with your partner before you reach for other antidepressants.

Cuddling up with your partner and feeling like someone cares for you can also help you feel better about yourself and jolt you out of your stressful thoughts.

2. Sex is a natural painkiller:
This should be a reason for you not to use ‘having a headache’ as an excuse for not having sex. The many hormones released during sex can actually numb pain in the body.

The next time you are having an ache in your body, turn to your partner and ask them to help you relieve the pain by giving you some soothing and fulfilling sex.

It will race away with all the pain you were feeling. You can also incorporate some deep massages in your foreplay for pain relief.

3. Helps in weight loss:
Losing weight doesn’t have to be a painful and stressful experience. You can have sex in your regular regimen to help you shed off some weight.

You use an average of 5 calories per minute during sex, and cumulatively, this counts for something. It also increases your heart rate and strengthens your thigh, butt and back muscles, making you physically fit.

The longer the sessions last, and the more regular your sexual activities are, the better!

4. Increases libido
If you find that things are slowing down for you and your libido is not as high as it used to be, then it is time for you to have more sex.

This is how it works: when you have sex, the hormones responsible for increasing libido such as testosterone and estrogen are stimulated. it also pushes blood to the genitals and reduces chances of suffering from erectile dysfunction (E.D).

If you are having a hard time sustaining an erection, then you can buy safe medications such as levitra. You can buy levitra online to boost your sex life and ensure that you have a strong erection during sex. Keep having sex and your body will get used to it.

5. Enables you to get better sleep:
You can put an end to the tossing and turning in bed by having sex. People who have trouble falling asleep find that having sex helps them slip into a peaceful slumber.

Oxytoxin released during sex helps in calming the body and inducing sleep. Of course, sex is a form of exercise, so it leaves your body fatigued and in need of some rest.

It also reduces your stress level so that you do not spend a lot of your bed time pondering about your problems. You will then benefit from the results of having better sleep which include: reduced stress level, more productivity, weight loss and general good health.

6. Increases energy levels:
If you always reach out for a cup of coffee in the morning to keep you awake all day, you should change and have morning sex instead.

Apart from the fact that it increases blood flow all over your body and keeps you alert, it also produces hormones that make you feel good about yourself. Put down that cup of coffee and slide between the sheets with your partner instead.

7. Boosts the body’s immunity:
Having sex regularly increases the levels of an antibody called immunoglobulin-A that protects the body from diseases. You can say goodbye to the persistent colds and other diseases by engaging in sex. It sounds far much better than having to pop in pills and get injection to cure diseases, right?

8. Improves cardiovascular health:
During sexual activity, blood is pumped into the heart and this reduces the chances of having a heart attack.

When you are sexually aroused, your heart beat increases, and it reaches its peak when you have an orgasm.

The fact that it causes relaxation of blood vessels also means that you will lower the risk of getting a stroke. If you want to keep your heart healthy, then do not ignore the value of regular sex in your life.

9. It gives you a youthful appearance:
Did you know that having sex can give you good skin and hair? The ‘feel good’ hormones produced give your skin and hair a youthful glow.

The fact that sex is a form of exercise is also an added bonus because it makes you look leaner and fit. This boosts your self esteem, thereby increasing your confidence levels. People who are confident generally appear attractive compared to those who are not.

10. Helps you control your bladder:
If you always experience embarrassing moments where you cannot control your urinary bladder, then having sex can help you with that. This works for both men and women.

Exercising the pelvic muscles during sex and ejaculation will help you have control of your urine so that you can hold it in. It minimizes the risks of women developing incontinence especially after going through vaginal birth.

There are may benefits of having sex. Relationships that have an active and healthy sex life are likely to last longer than those that don’t.

People who have sex often also tend to feel closer and more intimate. However, you should note that it is important for you to practice safe and responsible sex.

Understand the consequences of having sex, and the risks involves if you do not develop a healthy sexual life.

If you decide to have sex, discuss with your partner the importance of being faithful, past sexual life, and other details such as using birth control.